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"Breaking today's strongholds, releasing tomorrow's future"

Life Coach Mentoring



Life Coach Mentoring is defined as a relationship between two or more people over a prolonged period of time and where caring life coach mentors volunteer to assist ex-offenders in successfully and permanently reenter their communities by providing confidant and consistent support as needed, instilling personal accountability and resposibility, establishing boundaries, guidance and encouragement that impacts BCMI program participants in developing positive social relationships and achieving program outcomes such as job retention, family reunification, reduce recidiviism, increase public safety, etc.

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Broken Chains Ministries works with some of the most under-served people within our county assisting them in reaching and obtaining
goals like acquiring a general-education diploma, a secondary degree, job skills training, and any other assistance needed to become self-sufficient in life.

Do you have a few additional hours a week to spare in order to make a substantial difference in the life of an individual male, female or
youth within our community?

Broken Chains Ministries is in need of volunteers who can and will serve in numerous capacities. Volunteer opportunities are opened
within the following positions: assistance with events such as the annual Christmas Angel Tree Program and Gift Giving, annual Race for Time Fund-raising Event, annual 52 State Reentry Awareness and Fund-raising, participants graduation, and the overall day to day operations of the non-profit organization. Those with specific office skills, case management, and recruiting experience are
encouraged and welcomed to apply. Committed volunteers allow Broken Chains Ministries to keep operating costs as low as possible as we serve the under-served in our community.

When individuals that are released from jail, prison or work release receive help to become what we call the three P's (productive,
positive and promising) members of the community, we all will benefit. To volunteer with Broken Chains Ministries, please contact us at
(863) 662-8022.

Become a Mentor

Stock Image Spring cleaning in the kitchenEvery woman, man or youth whose released back into the community, from jail, prison, work release and boot camps, is in need of a trusting friend who will be a positive role model in their lives. These individuals need someone to help them navigate through the difficult paths of life which will lead them away from a life of crime to a positive life as a productive member of society.

Many times, those who are released from prison have no one in their lives who can fill this essential role. Without a mentor influence in their lives, many individuals could and would very likely fail in their attempts to change.

Would you consider becoming a mentor for a transitioning ex-offender or their families, and those who are serious about changing his or
her life for the better? Broken Chains Ministries has many years of experience in training and supporting men and women from the community, especially those from churches, to fill this role in someone's life through the Reentry For a Better Life Adult Mentoring Program.

BCMI Reentry for a Better Adult Life Mentoring Program, offers two ways a volunteer can become a Life Coach Mentor: One-on-One Life Coach Mentoring and Group/Team Life Coach Mentoring.


One-on-One Life Coach Mentoring is when - One volunteer Life Coach Mentor is matched with one Mentee (offender) in an effort to develop a supportive and caring relationship through regular interaction. One-on-One Life Coach Mentoring includes choosing different activities to accomplish when meeting with your mentee as well different supportive topics to discuss.

Stock Photography Goup of happy peopleGroup/Team Life Coach Mentoring is when -Two Volunteer Life Coach Mentors are matched with 4-6 Mentees (offenders) in a group setting (in prison or at church) to develop a support sytem. Group/Team Life Mentoring meeting sessions occur every two weeks last about two hours discussing supportive topics.




  • Commit to at least a one year Life Coach Mentor/Mentee match


  • Commit to1-2 hours per week


  • Visit Mentee (inmate) while incarcerated


  • Be available at critical times, such as the day of release -


  • Attend Life Coach Mentor Training.


  • Must be 21 years of age or older


  • No Felony conviction (within last year)


  • Not actively on probation/parole


  • Submit to a background check